About Zubaidah

I started this blog to guide my fellow muslimahs/hijabis on how to find and establish not only the Islamic obligation in covering but to discover the fun in it also! I myself have been a practicing and a covering muslimah my entire life (All 27 years, I’m getting up there LOL) and I will admit it has been somewhat of a challenge to find the happy medium between an all black abaya which is the recommended muslimah garb and skinny jeans which is the most popularly worn non-Muslim gear.  After years of struggle I believe I have found out the secret formula:
Hijab + Personal Style      = Style’d by Zubaidah

I like to call myself a stylist for the Muslimahs! I often dress my friends & family for several Islamic events and personal things as well. Not only do I dress them but we often go on the occasional shopping trip to NYC, where I help them choose key pieces that will fit into their wardrobe. I pride myself in having an eye for the quality in items, NO, I am not rich and neither are any of my friends and family members but I do like to INVEST in key pieces and save on items that will not make it through the season let alone another year.

I am a born and raised New Yorker and moved to Northern NJ 7 years ago. I was born into Islam 27 years ago to an African American Father and a West Indian Mother from Trinidad. I believe I picked up a bulk of my fashion eye from my mother. Growing up with just one sister we were often teased by the mixing of cultural clothing that we wore. Long black abayas, Indian Sari’s, denim jeans and everything in-between. As time moved on I’ve adapted to being the weirdest dress person in the room and realized that I wasn’t the one that was different, but they were all the same.
With my blog I hope to inspire you to be different, creative and free. I will be giving away plenty of my fashion tips and secrets and in due time I hope you become Style’d by Zubaidah!