Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall 2012

Fall is almost here!!! My favorite time of the year and soon it'll be time to break out those boots, scarves & jackets. As some of you may know my favorite past time is shopping, but as a mother of 2 I've had to cut back on a few things. Now I am all about the bargain shopping. So this fall I will be doing a lot of bargain shopping and blogging about it.
Below is an outfit I wore last week hope it's an inspiration. And all items were bargain items excluding the bag.

Dress: target $24.99, jacket: OldNavy $34.99, Shoes:Gap $20.99 Watch:Fossil $? Gift from hubs. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter wardrobe blues...

Salaams Ladies! If anyone else is like me well, then you’re tired of this winter and with the first day of spring not until March 20th, it’s easy to catch the winter blues. Now what is a girl to do when you’re tired of your winter wardrobe and you have a closet filled with clothing ranging from colors of grays to blacks and footwear that consists of Uggs and Tims? Recently we have been having some beautiful weather and it has inspired me to do a little shopping and of course some blogging.

 It’s definitely tough to look at all the cute spring clothes in some of our favorite stores especially when it’s still February and many of the spring fashions are too skimpy, but that shouldn't be a reason you can’t do a little shopping now.

Even though it may not be time to pull out your most fabulous maxi dress, there is a way to spruce up your drab winter wardrobe, here are a few tips:
1.      Add a pop of color. This can be incorporated through jewelry, scarves, accessories and even make up.
2.       Try buying a versatile piece in a hot spring color that you can wear for the remainder of winter like a bright cardigan or blazer which can be worn over all black in the winter and then a maxi dress in the spring.
3.      For the menstruating sister, nail polish is a sure way to add an instant pop of color. Try the new salon effects by Sally Hansen they are an easy way to add some instant glam to your outfit.

Well Insha Allah these quick tips will help you to in vision a brighter winter wardrobe and with spring just around the corner we’ll be back in our dresses and sandals in no time! iA

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm back!

Salaams Ladies! I know I have been on a little hiatus from my blog, but it’s all because of the new bundle of joy I am carrying. For the past few months my body has been undergoing some expanding (LOL) and I haven’t had the energy to shop and blog as I would have liked to. Nonetheless I am back! I will still blog about the fashions that we would enjoy to wear and maybe a few maternity ideas as well. So Insha Allah I hope I haven’t lost too many followers on my journey and brace yourself there’s more to come!