Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 5 Fall Must haves!

Salams Ladies!
Its officially  FALL and you know what that means Fall Fashion! I love when the weather starts to cool down, because we no longer have to suffer from the heat of summer. As Muslimah’s we know all too well of the feeling of being uncomfortable from the heat and there’s nothing we can do about it but complain. So for me fall is not just about the fashion but a relief from the heat, the fashion is just a plus ;). So while digging through my basement last night, I started pulling out all of my fall items that have been hibernating all summer and realized I’m so excited. I have so many things that I forgot about, things that I bought while on sale during the early spring that I haven’t worn yet and old items that can be reinvented. So, I decided to take an inventory of everything I had, everything I didn’t have and everything each muslimah must have to complete her closet for the upcoming fall season.
So after doing some research I found 5 must have Fall Items every Muslimah needs
1.   Animal prints are huge this season but a majority of the items that are out now are too tight, too short or just not flattering for a Muslim to wear so I found a few pieces that would work for us!    A, is a skirt from Kohl's, great length and extremely flowy. B, is a dress from forever 21 wear with a black cardigan or blazer with some wide leg pants. C, Is one of my obsessions, animal printed shoes from Steve madden that can be dressed up or down. D, was found of one of my all-time favorite stores H&M and is only $14.95 wear with pants or skirt. E, is something unexpected from QVC Rachel Zoe line.

A. $48.00. B. $22.90, C.  $119.95, D. $14.95, E.  $89.99

2.   A maxi skirt is an effortless piece and is an essential in every Muslimah’s closet. Maxis can be very casual depending on how you style it. For the fall pair your maxi skirts with chunky sweaters and boots for a more casual bohemian look. A. Zara $59.90 B.  Old navy $44.94 C. Forever 21 $19.80.

A. $59.90, B. $44.94, C. $19.80

3.      Chunky sweaters are a great way to transform your summer maxi dresses and skirts, just add a chunky knit sweater to create a cozy fall look. A, is a sweater dress from H&M $69.95. B, is Gap $59.99. C, is Victoria’s Secret $69.50 and D, is Free people $298 (it’s a bit pricey but it can also be worn as a coat) and would look great for over a sleeveless dress.
A. $69.95. B. $59.99. C. $69.50. D. $298

4.       Comfortable flats are not new to the fall and actually flats are popular all year long. This fall there is a new twist on the average flat they are now coming in colors that aren’t considered fall colors and with embellishment and that’s what I love, a shoe with some fur or glitter will win my sale any day. A. is a Reva Tory Burch flat $235, B. is one of my new fav’s and it’s from Sam Edelman $150, C and E are Steve Madden and are $119.95 and D is from the gap and has a hint of femininity with the added bow on the back for $49.95.

 A. $235, B. $150, C and E $119.95 and D $49.95.

5. Last but not least are wide leg pants! These are my ultimate favorite fall item! I absolutely love them because they are very versatile they can either be dressed up and down. They give you the modest look of having on a full skirt without the breeze (if you know what I mean LOL). You can find them everywhere nowadays. I fell in love with them last fall and have been wearing them ever since. A. are pants from Shukr online $64.95, this is where I typically buy my wide leg pants from B. are pants from Zara $59.90, when I purchased these in the store I was pleasantly surprised on the fit! and C. are from for $36.95 they look like they flow nicely.

So these are my 5 items that every Muslimah should have for the fall! If you have any of these items and want me to post a pic of you wearing it send me an email and I'm looking forward to your comments as well! Until Next post ASA

Monday, September 19, 2011

Train ride to the city

I have always been questioned by fellow Muslimahs on where I got an item from that I had on, or where do I get my ideas to put my outfit together from. Most days I wake up, not know what I am going to wear, have a hamper full of dirty clothes and just make up the most randomest outfits and that’s when the magic happens. For a while now I have wanted to share my madness with an audience that is open minded and willing to try things that others may not, especially since we are muslimahs everything we put on must have some thought behind it. So after taking a lonely train ride into the big city, I did some soul searching and decided I will inspire any muslimahs that are willing to be inspired to try on something new or something old to make new again with my Muslimah styling tips. So for all the Muslimahs that are willing and ready to take this train ride with me, ALL ABOARD and enjoy the ride!