Monday, September 19, 2011

Train ride to the city

I have always been questioned by fellow Muslimahs on where I got an item from that I had on, or where do I get my ideas to put my outfit together from. Most days I wake up, not know what I am going to wear, have a hamper full of dirty clothes and just make up the most randomest outfits and that’s when the magic happens. For a while now I have wanted to share my madness with an audience that is open minded and willing to try things that others may not, especially since we are muslimahs everything we put on must have some thought behind it. So after taking a lonely train ride into the big city, I did some soul searching and decided I will inspire any muslimahs that are willing to be inspired to try on something new or something old to make new again with my Muslimah styling tips. So for all the Muslimahs that are willing and ready to take this train ride with me, ALL ABOARD and enjoy the ride!